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                                              China Printing Union Printing and Ink Printing and Special Ink Printing Branch was formally established

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                                              In the China Printing and Equipment Equipment Industry Association inkjet and special ink printing branch was established, review and outlook in 2013 China's inkjet printing industry has a very good practical significance. Digital printing prosperity, the enthusiasm of enterprise applications, showing the market benefits and potential, while optimizing the technology of precision and fast. How to stand the height of the strategy, grasp the pulse of the development of global printing technology to promote the healthy operation of China's printing market, will be a worthy of careful study of the subject.
                                              Application Status of Inkjet Printing Technology
                                              Inkjet printing as a sunrise industry, has been quickly standing in the forefront of the development of the printing industry, the expansion of its application areas, and strongly boost the demand for digital printing. According to statistics, by 2015, digital printing from the total printing market will now increase from 4% to 14%, of which inkjet technology will account for half of the digital printing share, the global digital inkjet output value will reach 62.4 billion euros.
                                              In recent years, China's printing enterprises to implement the digital printing development strategy, increase R & D investment, effectively replacing some of the traditional printing market applications. Whether it is commercial customers, or downstream users, has gradually for the equipment product cost-effective attention, transferred to the equipment product performance, stability and quality. At the same time, manufacturers will also abandon the low differentiation, high homogenization of equipment production, the pursuit of quality, improve services, reduce customer maintenance costs for customers to create greater value. For example, the width of 3.2 meters and 5 meters of inkjet media, the traditional production of splicing to a mapping into.
                                              Chinese enterprises on their own brand image of the focus, embodies the inkjet printing in the office automation and digital applications. A survey of 200 domestic printing enterprises showed that more than 70% of the sample enterprises have 1 to 3 inkjet printing equipment, more than 50% of the sample enterprises inkjet equipment invested 100,000 to 50 million yuan. Survey shows that sample enterprises of inkjet equipment is widely used in digital proofing, labels, cards, commercial printing and personalized printing and so on. Among them, the digital proofing business accounted for more than Qi Cheng. At the same time, with the relevant data printing, color management and special ink and other technologies have been the corresponding promotion and promotion.
                                              Inkjet printing has been successfully applied to variable data and traditional replication areas. To achieve a variety of bar code, digital and specific information personalized printing, to reproduce the ancient books, books and paintings and precious cultural relics of the historic style.
                                              Inkjet printing will be more widely used in ceramics, textiles, glass, flooring, PCB, variable data, 3D printing and RFID radio frequency and so on. Especially in the personalized, small batch of printing, will give priority to the development of applications.
                                              Throughout China's inkjet printing market, the degree of integration continues to improve, in quality optimization, speed production and cost control has made considerable progress in three aspects, to a large extent, the purity of the printing technology. With the development of the entire industry market, it is bound to face the status quo, is bound to need to solve the real problem.
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