Poker culture

                                              Plum blossom k
                                              Alexander III (Great Britain or Kyng Alisaunder, 356-323 BC) Macedonian Empire King, Philip II (Philip II of Macedon) son, 20 years old inherited the throne, is a vow to rule the world, first established in the whole of the Greek rule Status, and then destroyed the Persian Empire. In the vast expanse of Europe, Asia and Africa, the establishment of a west from Greece, Macedonia, east to the upper reaches of the Indus River, south of the first waterfall Nile, north to Central Asia drug to kill water (now Sil River) The great empire of Babylon as the capital. [1]

                                              Box k
                                              (Gaius Julius Caesar, 102-44BC) The Romanian Republic of the life of the consul, from the aristocracy, served as treasurer, chief priest, judge, ruling Officer, supervisor, dictator and other staff. The first 60 years and Pompeii, Krasus secretly formed the first three league, then served as governor of Gaul, Britain. In the first 49 years, he led his army to occupy Rome, defeated Pompey, set the power in one, the implementation of dictatorship. In the first 44 years, Caesar was assassinated by members of the Senate led by Bruto. Caesar behind, its nephew and raised child house Dayi beat Anthony to create the Roman Empire and become the first empire emperor. Caesar on the coins of the Roman Empire is the side of the picture, after four k-k cards, only the box king is the side like, holding the Tomahawk.

                                              Hearts K
                                              Charlemagne Charles the Great or Carolus Magnus (742-814AD) King Frank, after the coronation as "the emperor of the Romans", his reign of 14 years, launched on the Lombard, Saracens, Caesar Kordson and so on more than 50 wars, control most of the European territory, and under the guidance of the angels to provoke the task of defending the Christian world. One of the earliest people who engraved his character with a chisel on the board, accidentally slid the chisel to shave the beard of the upper lip. Since then, the hearts of K brand in this painting as the standard, so only the king of the K-brand in the red card.

                                              Spades K
                                              King David, the second king of the United Kingdom, lived around 1000 BC, David means "the lover", the legendary king of the king of Solomon, good at music and poetry, the Bible records Jesus is the seed of David.

                                              Plum blossom

                                              Argine, from the European Scrabble, Latin Regina re-combination into Argine. Plum blossom Q has such a story: the British royal Lancaster royal to red rose as a symbol of the royal family of York to a symbol of white rose. Two royal family after the roses of the war, to obtain reconciliation, and the two sides of the rose flower knot. So the queen hand holding the rose flower.

                                              Box Q
                                              Rachel is the second and most beloved wife of Jacob (Jewish ancestors), according to the Bible, Genesis, the mother of Joseph and Benyamin, Laban ) The daughter of Jacob's first wife Leah (Leah) sister.

                                              Hearts Q
                                              Judith, the Old Testament, Judith is a beautiful widow of the ancient Hebrews, the Assyrian army invaded the Hebrew region and cut off the water of the Bethulia city, and she seizes the Assyrian General Holofemes ), While the drunk sleep, kill the camp and cut off the skull, so that the Assyrian army scared to escape, thus saving the Bethulia.
                                              However, according to Wikipedia's argument, the brand of red heart Q is the Queen of Henry VII - Elisabeth of York. The online story of Judith is not credible because the queen of Charles I is named Henry Etta Maria, not Judith, and the age is also the age of poker.

                                              Spades Q
                                              Pallas Athena (Pallas Athena), Greek mythology in charge of wisdom and justice of the goddess of war. Athena is one of the Greek gods of Olympus, and one of the three goddesses of Olympus.

                                              Plum blossom j
                                              Sir Lancelot Du Lac, the first warrior of King Arthur's round table warrior, and his affair with Queen Gwenaville led to a war between him and King Arthur. Gentle, and very brave, and helpful. He had set out to find the Holy Grail, but because of his pride that he did not succeed. In the queen began to fight the flame, Lancelot in order to rescue her from the fire and launched an unnecessary battle, which led to the division of the round table knight. After this battle, Lancelot was a monk in order to repent of his sins.

                                              Box j
                                              Who is the box J, different?
                                              Hector, son of Priamus, prince of Troy, and brother of Paris. He is the first trojan of Troy, known as the "Troy's Wall". Finally, and Achilles (Achilles) duel, died in the other hand. Also said that Charles I was the attendant Roland.

                                              Heart J
                                              La Hire (1390-1443AD), Charles VII le Victorieux, the French commander of the Anglo-French war, Jeanne d'Arc (1412-1431AD).

                                              Spades J
                                              Ogier (Ogier), the medieval heroic epic "Roland song" in the Charlemagne of the twelve Paladin (Paladin, Paladin), one by six fairy blessing of the Danish prince.

                                              The origin of J
                                              Poker J (JACK) originally used the word KNAVE (the villain), the word until the 20th century, 40 years in the UK and the European continent is still quite popular is still using the word. The use of JACK instead of KNAVE is one of the reasons why KNAVE is quickly accepted by the public is that it is convenient to use the JACK word when recording or reporting a license, or when using abbreviations, or when describing the playing process A letter J, and in the past with KNAVE the word, you must use Kn, if only K will cause confusion.

                                              In 1840, foreign poker after the Opium War also entered China with foreigners. At that time the import of poker is mainly from the United States and Japan, Japan poker due to cheap and popular. In 1931, the country set off a boycott of Japanese goods, to promote domestic products, the development of industry, the Shanghai people founded the Cuihua brand Huang Jinsheng card factory, the trial of China's first batch of poker, red lion poker.

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