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                                              Wuyi Five Star Poker Printing Co., Ltd. located in the national poker production base poker production accounted for 70% of the country's production of Jiangnan Hot Springs - Wuyi River cultural and educational tourism industrial park. Company covers an area of ??15,000 square meters, garden-like plant. Is a set of modern, large-scale, brand as one of professional development, production, "five-star" series and a variety of custom poker, advertising poker, gift poker large enterprises. Is one of the backbone enterprises of the Chinese poker industry.
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                                              The company has the German imports of the Heidelberg CD2000 four-color printing presses, Roland four-color printing presses, automatic licensing machine, automatic flexo machines and other equipment, advanced polishing technology, large-scale mechanical system, the system of scientific production Technology, and a number of professional design and technical personnel. Produce the appearance of the poker novel, colorful, feel smooth, tough folding.

                                              Companies adhere to the technology-based, product as the core, market-oriented, established based on the domestic market, to create and develop a first-class international competitiveness of the enterprise development strategy; firmly establish the "quality is life" business development concept; A diligent and rigorous, realistic and innovative spirit of enterprise.

                                              Five Star Poker is willing to work with you in the long way to go tomorrow, we are willing to work together with friends at home and abroad to create brilliant!

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